Our focus is representing creatives and business enterprises, including small businesses, entertainment companies, and non-profits, from start-up to scale-up.  We provide tailored and cost-effective strategies to transform your business, reinvent business models, and create new, sustainable processes to grow your business and brand.   Creatives and small businesses require representatives that are accessible, trustworthy, and that can successfully assist them with creating and implementing their business plans and goals for their brand.  By creating lasting partnerships with our clients and collaborating with them as a trusted advisor in a “general counsel” role, we are able to provide truly valued advice to clients in relation to their careers and to business planning, strategic intelligence, and operations.  In this regard, our firm is re-defining the role of legal counsel.


We have a wide range of expertise and experience that lends itself to helping you better operate your business.  As your trusted advisor, we are able to collaborate with you and provide advice and counsel on all aspects of your corporate operations.  We work hand in hand with emerging and established businesses to develop and implement strategic business plans.   With our flat-fee “general counsel” model, we are ready to partner with you on all of your business affairs from operating more efficiently to protecting your assets and intellectual property. 

  • Business formation (Corporation, partnership, LLC, LLP, non-profit)
  • Corporate governance, compliance, and risk management
  • Business plans and operation manuals
  • Business agreements including employment, consulting, licensing, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Commercial contracts with vendors and service providers
  • Strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other partnering transactions


We represent celebrity and high profile clients in music, film, television, sports, and media and handle all types of entertainment and business related transactional matters.   We partner with our clients to develop opportunities for multiple revenue streams.   We not only protect our client’s content through copyright and trademark protections, but we also help develop creative ways to monetize those rights.  We look to build our client’s visibility and longevity in the entertainment industry through strategic partnerships and corporate relationships.   We review, draft, and negotiate all types of entertainment and media agreements.

  • Music publishing, licensing, songwriter, producer, merchandising, tour and booking, and management agreements
  • Film and Television option, production, licensing, rights acquisition, and distribution agreements
  • Media & Technology including digital distribution, development, content licensing, music license, and content management agreements.
  • Copyright and trademark protection
  • Branded entertainment, endorsement, and sponsorship deals
  • Production Counsel services


We provide tailored business assessments which examine business operations to identify organizational issues and develop and implement business strategies to help grow your business while reducing operational costs and increasing productivity and revenue Our ambition is to ensure that your business operations are aligned with sustainable business processes and applicable technology.

We also provide business advice to non-profits and celeb-citizen based foundations in relation to formation and operations to help identify and pursue effective organizational goals, successful fund raising initiatives, and create specific strategies to help them create the global impact that they seek to achieve.

  • Business assessment
  • Align business objectives and prioritize enterprise goals
  • Improve performance and enhance productivity
  • Transform business models to help increase revenue
  • 501(c) applications
  • Fund raising strategies for non-profits


Brand management includes managing both the tangible and intangible elements of a brand including the look, feel, message, and reputation.  We represent brands by assisting with brand identity, consistency, and strategy to develop best practices for promotion and engagement.  We also assist with soliciting and securing brand partnerships and sponsorships to further grow our clients’ brands.  Utilizing existing and developed relationships, we work to position and sustain the brand and the brand’s market value.

  • Streamline and protect brand identity
  • Manage brand consistency and relevancy
  • Analyze and develop growth strategy
  • Product and market strategy
  • Identify revenue generating brand opportunities
  • Brand partnership and sponsorship agreements

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